How to train your dachshund puppy/dog We send each of our puppies home with their medical records, papers, a puppy packet which includes their own blanket, packet of food and instructions for feeding and the care of the new puppy. We advise giving your new puppy NuVets Vitamins for the first year or longer to guarantee a healthy puppy. When ordering product please give this number 155985 with your order. Phone #  is 1 800 474 7044. Website is

Registration papers will be given to the buyer upon completion of payment.

Buy Generic Tramadol Uk To the best of our knowledge, the dog is in good health, vaccinated and de-wormed at time of sale but Do Not guarantee final adult size, conformation or fertility.

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There is a  NONREFUNDABLE deposit which is part of the purchase price.

Buyer must have the above dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within five (10) days of taking possession of the dog.  If the dog is diagnosed with a life threatening genetic disease, the buyer, with written documentation from a second licensed veterinarian, may return the dog to the breeder.  A replacement dog of equal value will be given when one becomes available.

Tramadol Cheap Uk This contract becomes null and void if the ownership of the dog changes.  The puppy cannot be given away or sold to any other individual or research company without written consent of the original owner (Bonnie’s Dachshunds)  The buyer certifies that they are not acting as an agent for another individual in the purchase of this puppy and will not resell this dog to any type of mass-producing business or “puppy mill”.  In the event the buyer cannot keep puppy or provide proper care for the puppy, the puppy will be returned to the original owner (Bonnie’s Dachshunds).  Buyer must not euthanize, take puppy to an animal shelter, or animal rescue.   If the buyer can no longer provide the care and attention the dog needs, or the dog is confiscated by the authorities, the dog must be returned to the original owner, and all monies forfeited.

Tramadol Mastercard Fedex We can offer no further guarantee than the one stated within this contract once the care of the dog is not in our control and the buyer has taken possession of the dog. Common canine parasites such as fleas, ticks, worms, mites, giardia and coccidian, etc. are not covered under the above health guarantee warranty.

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Please follow the advice of your own personal veterinarian after taking possession of your dog/puppy.  If the buyer decides NOT to take the above dog/puppy to a licensed  veterinarian within the ten (10) day period, then the entire health portion of this contract becomes null and void.

Tramadol Prescriptions Online Buyer assumes full responsibility for the above dog’s health, training, temperament and appearance upon possession. Under no circumstances are the breeders to be held responsible for the above dog, its health (other than the above stated) or its behavior after it leaves the breeders property.

The Buyer is buying the puppy as a pet, no breeding rights unless approved by the original owner, the Buyer shall ensure puppy is spayed or neutered, no sooner then two (2) years of age, unless deemed medically necessary by a licensed veterinarian. The puppy should stay intact for two (2) years to allow proper growth of bones.  Early spay/neutering has been shown to change the angle of the bones at the knee making them more prone to cruciate ligament problems than dogs that are neutered at a later date. Buyer is required to send documentation  within seven (7) days from date of spayed/neuter to seller. The buyer agrees the puppy will never be abused, neglected, or used for any kind of illegal purpose.  Buyer also agrees to provide proper shelter, food, water, and never leave the puppy on a chain for extended periods of time (no more then ten minutes unsupervised).  The puppy is not to ever be left to live in a cage or outside.  Buyer also commits to provide necessary veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, worming and heart preventative as recommended by a licensed veterinarian.  If the puppy shows signs of neglect or abuse, ownership of puppy will immediately return to original owner without any return of money to the buyer. Because of the dachshund’s long back structure, it is strongly advised that you do not teach the dog to jump up or down from high places, as this could cause undue strain or injury to the dachshunds back. Please keep the dog healthy and NOT overweight as this too can cause undue strain or injury to the dogs back.

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Buyer(s) acknowledge they have read and agree to ALL the terms stated in the contract above.

By signing this contract, you agree to all the conditions that apply. And you understand that the contract  signed is a legal binding contract.

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Buyers Signature:___________________________________________________________

Address and Phone# ______________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________

Date:  ______________________________________


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