Canine Stud Service Agreement
(Printable Agreement)

This certifies that the Bitch_____________________ Reg.#__________________

Breed_________________________ Owned by____________________________

was bred by my Stud Dog, Duke of Lumberton____________________ Reg.#___________________

On _________________ Due to whelp __________________ Cash fee _________

Full Payment _______________Partial Payment________________

Balance due _________________

Further conditions____________________________________________________


Conditions of the contract are as follows.

It is understood the OWNER of the STUD is not obligated to sign the application for registration of this litter until the stud fee has been paid for in full or pick of the litter has been picked up.

In lieu of cash stud fee, the owner of stud dog shall select________ puppy/puppies

at the age of ________________.  However the right to examine the puppies within eight (8) hours of birth is hereby granted.

Stud fee is nonrefundable. Only guarantee is of actual tie mating.

If the bitch fails to conceive, a return service at no charge will be given to this bitch by this stud dog at the next heat cycle only, provided the owner of the bitch notifies owner of stud dog of failure to be in whelp within fourteen (14) days prior to whelp date.

If all puppies are born dead, or none survive to age of eight (8) weeks, the owner of the stud has a postponed right of choice of a puppy through mating to the stud at the next heat cycle. A repeat service is at the stud owner’s option.

All transportation charges will be the responsibility of owner of the bitch.

If this bitch changes ownership during pregnancy, the right to a return service is at the stud owner’s option.  There is no refund of cash.

One puppy constitutes a litter.

If only one puppy results in this mating, this shall be the pick of the litter.

The right of choice of litter puppy/puppies is in no way affected by change of ownership of the bitch.