If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please email, phone or text me.  I do have a list started.  The deposit is nonrefundable $200.00 and balance due at delivery.. Buyer’s Contract can be completed and sent with deposit to Bonnie Conklin, 14498, Route 6, Clarendon, Pa. 16313

Wow look at my belly, I have lots of ticking, longhair black and tan piebald softwire hair. I am so cute and available. I am a male.
My name is Waldo and I am a softwire red piebald with lots of hair. You will love me. I am a male. Available
Hi, my name is Vanna and I am special cause I am the only girl. I am a black and tan piebald soft wirehair. Look at my picture cause I am adorable. I am available


Now you can see how beautiful I am. I am Vanna
More of An


Hi My name is Andi. I am a longhair red piebald. I am a very sweet boy. I am available.
Hi, I am Anni Bella from N.C. I am a soft wirehair.Sir Winston and I had our puppies April 14th..  Four beautiful babies.  Three boys, one girl.
I am Sir Winston, I am a longhair piebald. I have great puppies. Brindle, black and tan, chocolate, extreme piebald, etc.