Online Tramadol Overnight Delivery A story about us:

Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery Gene and I have lived in a rural area near Warren, Pa. for many years. He was the supervisor of the Kinzua Dam Power Station and I worked as an operator/trainer for Osram/Sylvania,. Gene and I met over 25 year ago and fell in love. We joined our lives and our eight children to make a great family. We now have fourteen grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. I was given my first Dachshund, Kati, for my birthday in the mid 80’s.  Who would ever believe how much we would learn to love Dachshunds. That was the start of a something wonderful.

Tramadol Uk Order Gene and I and the dogs traveled to the Nascar Races during the next few years and it seems like every time we went to a different state, we found a new Dachshund to love. Sammi purchased in Speedwell, Tennessee, Max after the Daytona Race, etc. On our way home from Daytona, we stayed in an RV Park called Holiday Cove near Bradenton, Fl. We liked it so much, we decided to work there for a few seasons, ended up buying a site. On our way home from Fl., we stopped in Buxton, N.C. where we met Steve Mills, a breeder of Dachshunds. We fell in love and purchased Anni Bella, a soft wire hair, from him. We now raise and breed smooth hair, long hair and soft wire hair dachshunds. We spend our summers in Pa. and a portion of the winter in Fl, depending upon our doggy responsibilities. We feel very blessed that we were given the opportunity to raise and breed these wonderful dogs. They are loyal, love unconditionally, have a great spirit, love to cuddle. What more could we ask for in life. Thank you for reading our little Dachshund history story.

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